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First Detailing Job by Myself

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Hi guys,

I have had the CPO Metallic Black Sapphire 335i for over a year. Mostly i got the detailing done at bubbles hand wash. Recently, after going over the board planned to at least wash the car myself. I lived in apartment and no access to hose. So, went ONR way, and really loved cleaning my car by myself!, have been doing that ever since. (last 3 months)

Now I feel I can step up to do the detailing my self. I wanted your advice if I am planning it right. (all by hand)

I have got
1) ONR
2) Mothers clay / mothers detailer
3) Mequiars Swirl X
4) Klasse AIO
5) Klasse SG and Wolfgang deep gloss 3.0
6) loads of MF towels, foam applicator (that came with Klasse kit), spray bottles...

From the research from all the boards, I planned out doing the following:

1 - clean with ONR thouroughly
do you suggest do a hose wash at nearby car wash ??

2 - claybar each panel (1/3 rd at a time) and wipe down immediately
do yo suggest using ONR as QD ?

3 - I have light to moderate swirls on my car (thanks to idiots from bubbles car wash)
so do the Swirl X using the same procedure as claybar and wipe down immediately. What about pads? I don't have much idea about them and If they are required or not... ?

4 - clean the car with klasse AIO, panel at a time and wipe down
is this step required as I am polishing with SwirlX any way ?

5 - apply the sealant
big question - > do I use Klasse SG or Wolfgang 3.0 ???

6 - let it cure and re apply 2 more times at 12 hour intervals.

This is my first time trial and I do not want to mess something up? I can learn from mistakes but do not want to spoil something!

Please feel free to say anything, suggestions are welcome.