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The silly thing is they already allow users to enter address data into their system, so it's unlikely to cause the need for a reflash.

It's more a safety issue than anything else; fixed camera's in NSW are only allowed in black spots so notifying drivers is IMHO part of the duty of care of any GPS system & the company that provides that system. Kind of like the warning it gives you when you start the car.

Like wise school zones, who wants to skittle a young kid (I had mate who did when the child ran between 2 busses, he never forgave himself and eventually killed himself) and given the gov't has been so slow in NSW in marking them well I figure a GPS system should have that facility as a minimum feature or at least notify the driver of the legal speed limit in that area.

Sure make it an on/off choice of the driver if need be.

The maps are provided by whereis, same mob that provide the maps for all major GPS units sold in Aus. Given you can buy something like a Road Angel that gives fixed speed camera and school zone info I'm sure they could put the info on the DVD without much issue.

Maybe if enough owners write to BMW about the issue it will force a change, in the meantime users are likely to look for hack that might cause a reflash being needed.

I'll be buying a road angle as I don't think the old Navman will look all that good on the dash of the 335.