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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
And going from an entry level exec sedan to a top-segment luxury sedan while skipping the midsize class altogether because they're not "luxurious" enough. Also don't understand what owning anything lesser than an S-Class/Panamera has to do with "rice rocketing past M3s and C-Classes".
Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Ok there homeboy, whatever. No need to get the panties bunched up. Get the S-Class because "such are the demands of life" that you'll need to cosset yourself at such a young age.
Originally Posted by TheRox View Post
I think I'll likely end up buying an S450 short wheel base. Gonna miss a driver's car, but such are the demands of life!
Then why the S450 SWB? Why not a smoother S550 with optional ABC suspension (or even a 600.) The SWB has more of a choppy ride in comparison. Plus the S Class is very heavy and the extra power is sometimes truly needed. A bigger motor doesn't mean you have to drive fast. I drive my AMG (and even the P-cars) like a grandpa a lot of the time. So why not get something truly "luxurious?" That said, why not even go better than the S Class?

I'm also confused. What exactly are these demands of life? From reading your earlier posts, having a Mercedes is important to you and perhaps just having one is all that actually matters. Does the car itself even matter to you? No offense, but maybe take off those luxury rose tinted glasses for a moment and ask yourself if you sincerely want to drive and own the S Class Mercedes. I once wanted to buy a big luxurious house in Malibu but I realized it had rooms I would never use and just the upkeep alone plus property taxes made it a totally silly proposition.

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This place is a trip.
No kidding.