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Originally Posted by TheRox View Post
Yea it looks like we'll have the Panamera, S Class...and then later on add a sports car, thats not on my mind right now...thats if I have the time!!
I'm confused again. What do you mean by having "the time?" Can't you just tell the dealer what you want, make the deal, and have them drop off the car at your house? All it takes to buy a car these days is a phone call.

Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
A lot of this isn't making sense to me.
Originally Posted by ZJP View Post

I'm still trying to figure out how one cross-shops between a Cayenne and an S-Class.
I suppose we should all be up front here and say what we really mean. The guy is clearly talking about cars his parents own/are buying. It's pretty common here. You have young kids infatuated with cars and talk about their parents and/or relatives cars as if they are the owners. But I have no idea why people can't be honest. Nobody has anything to prove here. If your parents just bought a Panamera and you get to drive it, then that's cool. Nobody will think any less of you. Why be so ambiguous about it in the first place? Just say it like it really is, you'll get more respect that way (which it seems is what you're looking for in the first place.)