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Originally Posted by Heidelberg328i View Post
They hate us but secretly wish they WERE us! It's always the same over here.
It's so right... Us, poor west-european people, we are spending our lives trying to get a green card.
Yeah it's understandable, our countries aren't in war, we don't have any law authorizing the government to spy us, our leaders know some geography, and our respective deficits aren't exponentially growing... Add these to the fact that our living standards are the same as the US ones, hell who would wanna stay here? Okay I shall stop there...

Don't get me wrong, I am not a US haters. I enjoyed my time there a few years ago and seriously consider spending some time more in your country, depending on the opportunities I'll have. The point is, why thinking that every human being that is not an American wants to become one?

About the girls going crazy about GIs, I have to admit I observed the same here around the SHAPE base . The "exotic" side I guess?


PS: sorry for the total off-topic...