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Hard Drive Dead - Anyone know a Toronto Company that Can Recover Files?

Hey guys,

The hard drive in my desktop died on my last night. It makes a clicking noise and is unreadable. In boot up, the motherboard reads it as a BAD driver, and says to back-up and replace.

I took it out of my desktop and inserted it into an external hard drive, and plugged it into my laptop so I can try and get my data...but its not showing up in "My Computer".

I found some software that can recover data, but the hard drive needs to show up in "My computer" before the software can recover anything.

Further online research indicates that the pop noise and clicking noise is a hardware issue with the hard drive which is why its not showing up in "My Computer".

Does anyone know of a company in Toronto that can fix the hard drive so I can get my data back....or that does data recovery?

Any help would be appreciated.