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Although I would most certainly (100%) get a kit if ESS came out with one, I can't put my name down on a list that is relatively meaningless at this point. What's the down-payment get us (ability to purchase the kit in a limited production, first dibs, etc)? What's the estimated price of the kit (there is a big difference between $4k, $5k, $7k, etc)? What's the projected hp/tq improvements (if we're still under 300 hp/tq, is it really worth that price)? When would something like this be ready (e.g., giving a company money for something that won't be available until a year from now isn't really appealing to me)?

Not to be a downer or anything, because I would completely support such an endeavor, but we aren't talking about a couple hundred bucks here.

If this list is to gauge interest in such a kit, then by all means put me down.

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