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Originally Posted by t1mmy View Post
I think ESS would come up with the 'terms' of the list. Believe a poster a few points up just said that you have to be ready to part with 5k, I think that statement was under the assumption that the conditions were favorable / fair
I understand that, but I don't think that poster is affiliated with ESS in any way. So, just because someone says it doesn't mean it's true. Also, $5k for the whole kit? Or is that a 50% downpayment, where we will owe another $5k before the kit ships? If the whole kit is $5k, then the downpayment thing is moot... essentially you'll be paying for the whole kit upfront.

I'm just saying that it's really pointless to assume anything at this point, unless ESS tells us the details. If the list is to show them interest, that's understandable. But, we can't just say "oh I'll put down $5k to make this happen"... we don't even know what it is, whether it's feasible for them, etc.

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