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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
First, dont go to a data recovery service or it'll costs you LOTS of money. (worked in one of those shops before) What they do is that your hd dies mainly because or electronics. So most of the time, they have to find a identical hd, bust out your disks and put them into the new hd. So its a lot of work and those companies charges big time. I would say if no business or no major school project depends of this hard drive, consider letting it die. Or at least find a place where they give estimates before doing anything. Software doesnt give any results usually; they're good for corrupt files under the windows environnement, but not for the hardware side of the issue.

You tried the usb external way, but did you plug it into another computer?

Is this your primary hard drive in your actual computer? If so, find another working computer and try putting it in slave and see if it can be detected in slave. It happened to me twice and I was able to detect the HD once. So its a 50/50.

Let me know what happens and maybe i'll think of something else. Maybe I can call my ex workers too to see how they would approach your situation.

I read up about what you are saying in regards to finding an identical hard drive and swapping the parts. I was thinking of seeing if I could find another one to do that.

I have some work files on the computer that I would hate to lose, but its not the end of the world. Would also lose all my emails, contact info, passwords, and music archives. It would hurt not to get this info back...but if it can't happen then so be it.

I am not willing to spend hundreds to a thousand dollars for a company to fix it thats for sure, so ill look around for quotes first.

Thanks for the input!

How hard do you think it would be if I found another hard drive and did a swap myself on the parts?

It was my main and only hard drive on my home desktop, so I havent tried it as a slave drive. I think ill bring it to work tomorrow and give it a shot on one of the computers in the office!