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Originally Posted by 99three View Post
^^ You will fry other components by throwing it in the freezer and then powering it on.
Havok, send me a PM. I can probably help you retrieve and restore all your important data but I will need the hardware specs. i.e. the harddrive make/model, the machine it came from, the OS.
I'll send you a pm with all that info once I get home and can check! Thanks!

Thanks for all the help guys.....On a side note, I do have an external hard drive that I keep the majority of my work files on.....thank goodness...I would have lost my mind if i had lost all of that data.

On another side note, I blew a fuse on Sunday in the house, and on Monday my washing machine died....

WTF!.....Im staying away from my car until this curse passes me by.

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