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Originally Posted by AaronLBeltran View Post
Before you bash me with , I've already done so. I even revived some old threads with no responses. With those threads relating to TNT Tint, there wasn't a lot of feedback with E92 owners and the dot matrix. However, there was great feedback in general about the quality of work done.

I'm getting tint within the next two weeks, and I'm already swaying going to Matt at TNT Tint because of all the positive feedback he's received. I know other shops put vinyl over the dot matrix, and to some that looks fine, but it seems half-ass to me.

For the E92 owners that went to Matt at TNT Tint, can you answer the questions below?

Which film was recommended?
How long was the process from start to finish?
What did he do about the dot matrix?
Any effects on electronics?
How much was the cost?
Pictures of tint done(specifically the dot matrix)?
I got mine done at TNT Tint back in March.

Matt recommended Madico film.
He wanted me to leave the car with him for 6 hours or so.
He did nothing special for the dot matrix.
There is no effects on electronics.
Cost around 200.

I don't have any pics at the moment but mine turned out pretty shitty on the dot matrix. I went to him because of all the good feedback on here about him being a perfectionist and all but I wasn't really satisfied with the result. He does not use the vinyl strips and just told me to see what happens when it dries out. I went back a week later hoping to get the dot matrix fixed but all he could say was all the e92's he does turn out differently. He did a good job overall and I am not gunna spend another couple hundred dollars to re-tint to make it perfect. My only regret is that I didn't go with darker tints lol