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Everything is working fine (well almost). I hear the actuators doing their job, and the car is so smooth right now I really feel the "stock" feeling while being moderately modded.

The torque at low RPM is ridiculous. For that only, its worth it. I downshift because I want to; not anymore because I absolutely need to.

But... (there's always a but...) pony-wise, I'm really not sure of the gains; I will have to let the dyno speak for that.

But before going to the dyno, I have something to handle. I have some intermitent issues that happened to me three times so far. Once before the swap and twice since then. So Its more related to the tune then the swap itself. When I'm first at the red light on a complete stop and I want to step on it hard, the car have a major shutter and then procede to the acceleration. Almost like I would be hitting the brakes while releasing the clutch. So i've tried to go easy on the setup at first, but the tune should be fully adapted to both setups when those issues happened. So I had to postpone that drag session I was supposed to go to yesterday of course.

I'm gonna give it some time, but if its not going away, i'm gonna need to investigate further. Tomorrow night i'm gonna scan the car to see if there's any hidden codes that popped up.

But all in all, the swap is very straight forward. Take your time to avoid snapping anything you dont want to and everything's gonna be fine. If I wouldnt have been slowed down by my sore back, I would say I would have been done in 4.5-5h tops. Just be sure to get the proper screws. I didnt need the vent hose so I guess you dont absolutely need to buy it.

Those who are on the edge of doing it, just do it. And if you're not comfortable doing it, then add $350 on your budget for installation and you wont regret it. But dont forget the AA tune! So its a $950 worth of parts and a $499 software for a major upgrade in torque and hp.

But I would strongly recommend buying new parts. That's what I did and I wouldnt have done it with used parts just to save a couple hundreds.

I'm gonna repost when my issue is handled and when i'm ready to dyno.
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