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Quietest (impact) tires for OEM 230's 19"?

I searched this and found that the most recent posts about it was over a year ago and it didn't quite answer my question specifically, please help...

I just bought a 2009 335i and it has the 5 spoke 230 series 19" rim, which I love the look of. Yes it has new run flats since it's certified and I've learned from many posts here, that the first order of business is to get rid of the run flats. Thank you much for that.

I've heard many offer that the Nitto Invo is the quietest tire about a year ago and most posts were much earlier than that. Do most people think this is still the quietest tire?

IMPORTANT: Most important to me is to reduce the "thump" you get when you hit a bump. I'm not referring to potholes, the thump is unavoidable no matter what there, I'm talking about smaller road imperfections such as seams for bridges or imperfections where in most cars you hear it, but it's subtle and not a loud thump. I'm not so much talking about the constant "whirr" road noise, that is a lesser priority, though eliminating both would be nice.

Please help me, I love love love the way this car drives, but I need the suspension to be quieter as it's actually hurting my ears. Unfortunately my ears are very sensitive to low bass and pressure and it requires me to either fix this problem, or change to a lesser automobile which would be devastating as I'm sure most of you would agree.

Many thanks from the noob,

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