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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
Maybe in comparison to other AWD vehicles it isn't, but against the i without lsd, it is superior. Now obviously the handling aspect is negated by the additional weight and the higher stance for a stock xi.

But lower the car with good coils and reduce about 50lbs of unsprung weight at the wheels and you will have a vehicle that handles very nicely.

X-Drive actually is a pretty good balance of performance and inclement weather capability. Looking at how x-drive is engineered, it is pretty close to how Nissan's ATTESA-ETS works. DPC makes another leap towards performance, but simply adding a LSD to the rear will make a more than capable AWD system at the track.

We'll see if there will be a trickle down from the x5m, x6m, and future m5 x-drive to the 335.