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I do not own a 335is and own a N54 335i and I disagree with you on almost everything. I feel like you are very uninformed about this car.

It looks great in person or in pictures. It is not trying to be a an M3. It has its own unique look and character. I have an N54 335i and it has been nothing but trouble free. I would take it over the N55 again and again. There is a reason why they used it in 1M.

How is a 3.5 year old used up $48K M3 exclusive? My friend exclusive would be some thing like a Ferrari 458 or 430, Audi R8, or a Lambo. Anybody that can buy a brand new fully loaded 328i can afford a 3.5 year old used up M3.

Yes, I agree 100% that M3 is the ultimate in 3 series performance. But in order to gain all that extra performance. You have to give up on gas mileage. There is no way in hell M3's gas mileage is any where near that of a 335is. The M3 might have the edge on track but 335is is a better daily driver in every day use. It has far more torque available at very low rpms compared to an M3.

Like they say buying a car is easy and any body can do it but maintaining it after warranty is another. There is a reason why market is flooded with nearly 4 year old used M3's. Because now is the time the bill will be coming out of your pocket. As the original owner has enjoyed most of the years under warranty and free maintenance.

As a used M3 owner struggles with expensive warranty and maintenance bills out of warranty. The 335is owner will be enjoying the free maintenance and full factory warranty.

Your only hope with nearly 4 year old M3's is 2 year added CPO warranty or after market warranty. Either way you will have to pay extra for both and neither are as good or as comprehensive as the original BMW factory warranty. Also, maintenance pkg are quite expensive.

As far as pricing goes the 335is is about 15-20% cheaper then comparable new M3. Also, I am guessing you have no idea that BMW has much nicer lease deals available on new 335is vs a new M3. According to BMW NA you can pick up a nicely loaded 335is for less then $600 a month. You will not even be able to touch M3 for any where near that lease amount.

Bottom line is M3 is the ultimate performance 3 series. The 335is offers 80% of what M3 offers in performance at 80% of the M3 price. Oh with the lease deals factored in 80% of M3 performance at 60% of M3 price.

The 335is is a very nice car specially with the BMW NA lease deals.

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Fair enough.....but I think the gas mileage that an M3 gets is not really what a person trying to get an M is looking at or really cares about. Its all out performance and exclusivity with the M.

Looks wise, the 335is looks like its trying real hard....the rear bumper is horrible, the older mtec kits are way cleaner, and personally the front without fog lights looks terrible. The angles are all sharp and rigid. Look at an M next to a 335is and there is really no comparison. Everything flows better with the M.

If you are willing to look, there are plenty of M's out there.....I am looking for one now and came across several just from my dealer searching for me. Privately, they are all over the place.

IMO the 335is is way overpriced for nothing special at all. The folks buying this seem to be mostly uninformed consumers that always buy new cars simply because they are new models. No past 335 owner (that has had numerous problems with their n54) in their right mind would ever purchase a 335is powered by the same motor that has been giving us all headaches since 2007.
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