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Dreyer $ Reinbold Indianapolis ABSOLUTLY the WORST!!!

I took my 07 in for its first oil change after I bought it new. The wind shield had developed an inch long crack from the gasket at the roof. We looked at it the service adviser picking at it with his fingernail stating " Ill have them wash the car and go over the crack with a magnifying glass to look for a starburst. We clearly didnt see one at this point. About 2 hrs into it they called me and said all 4 of my rims were bent and needed replacement at 2600.00 and would'nt be covered on warranty since it was "road damage" I told them that car ran fine and to leave those rims alone!!! I later returned to PU the car and when I looked at the windshield it looked like someone took a center punch and hit the crack producing a VERY noticeable starburst! I was furious! when I confronted them about it they said it was road damage and the windshield would be $1700.I later replaced it for $289.00 at a glass shop VG! I complained to BMW and Dreyer & Reinbold and they just poo pooed the issue stating they only hire honest people. Not having documentable evidence or withnesses I felt there was noithing I could do! At another oil change a year ago they goofed up my driver's side mirror adjusting it and now I cant get it readjusted so I can see, they also refused to do anything about that! Recently on my last " service" visit I brought it in for the oil change which after a day they didn't do because they said it wasn't " due", but they changed out my brake fluid and a tire stem. Now the car has a very noticeable vibration at 72--75 mph which it didn't have before, and they're saying it's a suspention problem$$$$$ Dreyer and Reinbold has to be the most dishonest and deceptive dealer I have ever used!!!! This was my first BMW, a nice dependable car, but it will certainlybe my last BMW and the last car I'll EVER buy from Dreyer & Reinbold in Indpls.