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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Nice job BUT it is NOT an M3, the most spectacular conversion to date would be CREAMINZ 335i to M3 simply because it does NOT say M3 anywhere on the car yet it has OEM material all over it.. Lose the M3 badges, you're retracting value to those that own a real ///M.

Edit; before anyone starts bashing this thing would run rings around an M3, just remember again.. It is NOT an M3, this is a different class completely.. That class being lower.
Duly noted, actually the only M3 badges are on the side gilles and the only reason its still there is because it'd look crap with nothing. I had originally tried to get N54 ones made up but it was too hard. Now going to get 1M badges which only have the M. Thanks.
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