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Was at Road America yesterday, and I did 4x30 min sessions. Had the same setup as last time, except for the Juice box plus, new vanos exhaust solenoid, and 1 more additional bottle of Gunk Liquid Kool (Water wetter).

Ambient temps: 72-82F
Oil temps after 3 laps: 270F
water temps: 90-114C
lap times: 3mins

After a nice solid lap, I would throw an engine malfunction. Turned out to be Code: 30FF, repeatedly. Since I've never had a boost leak, I strongly suspect that the latest software needs the solenoid by pass, even with JB+ @ 50%. The good news, and MAIN thing I have to add to our never ending lovely thread, is that the Power didn't drop off after the code!!! In the past, as we've all experienced, once you throw a code and see that engine malfunction light, you've got like about 30% power left. However, with JB+, there is like about 94-100% power left! I mean you don't even feel it, and I was able to lay down the hurt the whole session.

This is quite a break through, cuz I wasn't expecting it. So for those of you who have other tunes, and throw codes, or even if you are stock, and you don't want the boost turned down by the ECU when you throw a code at the track, install JB+!