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ohh also, nikki, somthing else i think you can do for him thats realllllyyy cuute.. is go take a disposable camera and go take pictures of where you first met.. your first datee.. your inside jokes, things that mean a lot to both of you.. adn then just put the camera into a big envelope withlike 5$ so he can go develop it. i think that idea is SO CUUUTE.

orrr you can send him a singing telegram! my friend dianne.. for her gift frmo her boyfriend.. he had his wisdom teeth pulled out-- so he had his best friend greg go to her house and sing to her from him and he sang "i wana grow old with you.," eeeh CUUTE

i also think baking is cuute for a gift too

or how about a hugeee collage with all the pictures of you guys and your inside jokes and meaningful things no one else understands? .. wait, thats an inside joke.

orrrr how about breakfast in bed? EEH THATS SO CUTGE. even if you guys dont live together.. you can still come and make him breakfast my friends do that for their boyfriensd all the time its so cute.

orrr why dont u show up at his owrk with like ballooonss and a cake or something eeeh so cute so cute