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Originally Posted by eduardomi View Post
Exactly that.

I think they put either a faulty pump or a 328i pump. Once they removed the "new" pump, I found it was burnt at the plug, as if it shorted while connected. Now, that is a reason to freak out!!! Imagine a short like that burning you computer!

I drove 700 miles today...and the oil temp stayed at 235-245.

However, I know for sure (because I saw it) that the procedure to fill the the cooling system was not done properly. They never ran the electrical pump to bleed the air or anything.

You know what? With the pump change I also asked them to do the change of the transmission sleeve...damn I am afraid they either didn't use the right fluids or just didn't know how to do the job because I feel my car to be "heavier" if you know what I mean...if feel kinda between gears it shifts smoothly but there is a fraction of second between changing gears, it is not a fast change I don't know how to explain it. Also, after them fixing the sleeve the car's response was damn fast (you'd push the pedal and it'd go), now I find it hard for it to downshift when in "d" won't go to D/S mode anymore, don't know why.

Any suggestions? :S


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