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Originally Posted by 3me View Post
Well, I am going to say what you have already heard. Don't go back to that indy shop or the dealership. personally, as soon as my car was out of warranty I went straight to shops I knew about or shops where I am friends with the people working on the cars. Not all dealerships are bad but...Ill save it for another thread haha point is take it to a better shop

As for your transmission, I have a stick and can't speak for yours. I would imagine if there were a problem with it, though, an error code would have been thrown. Exactly when did the car stop entering d/s mode? was it right after they messed with the transmission? did they also do a reprogramming?
I didn't know you needed to reprogram the car after a sleeve change...I doubt they did anything, they only have a obdII tool to read codes, I don't think they know how to program anything, so I doubt it.

The transmission stopped entering D/S mode after the whole ordeal, I don't know if it was after the dealer or after the shop. I didn't notice the issue until the water pump was fixed so I wouldn't know.