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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
I say shoot the fcukers....fcuk human rights!....criminals seem to have it very easy here!....just heard the news, and some home office official was saying " those responsible will be brought to justice and will have to face the consequences of their actions..." is not a scary statement!!!!....

Just say, "we gona shoot any fcuker who tries to break into the or white, young or old....male or female...." ....

cause for the riots?...its because the UK tend to protect those chav scumbags too much! much benefits...council flats many "wrong" foreigners in this country!.... abusing the system...

London is becoming like France many strikes, riots etc....and immigration is one of the many causes....
+1 well said..i am glad someone else here share the same opinion as me

London is turning into a Before you know, it will be happening right at your doorstep up and down the country. Poor economy performance is no excuse for looting and stealing...this is Britain not some third world country.

Like your joke about getting a hoodie top and a tv..haha