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I now live in Maryland, but having lived in LA for 3 years, Glendale is one sketchy place. As others have said, this was a simple problem--you needed a water pump. Yeah, I admit, owning a 335i out of warranty scares the hell out of ME, but I can't blame the car here. It needed a water pump and he screwed the pooch on the job. I wouldn't trust the tranny work either, if I were you. It's a little bit of a hike, but there is a network of independent BMW dealers and they tend to be BMWCCA endorsed and great guys. The closest one to you (I have used him and he is excellent--gruff, but excellent) is Bavarian Workshop ( in West Hills. Go there for any future work--he is a true BMW lover, although he confessed to me he thinks the E90 series is trouble waiting to happen. Nonetheless, I would still trust him over any other indy in the area. He is meticulous.