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First Brake Job

I'm looking to do my first brake job on my 06 325i.

I've read and seen the vids on how to do this, so I'm ok there. What I don't know is what products to buy. I don't need anything special; by that I mean I don't go race at the track or try to jump over any rivers. I just need the same performance I've been getting, or better, if the price is right.

What are your thoughts on brake packages by Turner or Tischer?

Turner's front and rear package for $400

Tischer's is $335 for front and $295 for rear.

Or, should I buy these parts individually? Sorry for the newbie question, but reading through the posts I just got confused on all the different pieces of advice floating around.

I'm just trying to save money by doing my own work and keep the same performance.