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Originally Posted by Andy M View Post
That's just cause I haven't been in Ontario long enough. (Haha I still think of myself as an Albertan living in Toronto. I don't cut people off on the roads yet... j/k j/k j/k)

But yeah, honestly you posted a rant with a pretty aggressive tone which obviously wasn't very well thought out at the time. Of course you'll get immature replies. :P

So uh lesson learned: ask because you never know. (it doesn't work with wives or girlfriends though...for that it's better to ask for forgiveness after...)
Well a member bashing or even better, creating a pointless thread will most likely get comments that "will" sound immature.

Where is the maturity in creating such a stupid/hostile thread on a forum like this. OP need to get over the fact that some rather not ship (same thing happens in other provinces/states).

I do agree though that sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask if they would consider shipping. If not, I say thanks for the consideration and move on.