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I just posted this on another thread but since this is my original thread on my new car, I'm gonna repost it here. Hope it's OK!......

Had tint on my 330ci but not on my 335.

Took my car to my dealer today to get my tint done, they are covering the cost as part of my deal.
Until today, I never knew there's a law in Ontario preventing you to tint your windshield at all !!!
I still believe I had 35% all around on my 330ci !

As I talked to 335isGuy and saw pictures of his beautiful AW 335is and also saw a 20% tint on a white car at my dealership today realized that the deeply dark 20% looks gorgeous on a white car but on a black car the 35% looks nicer as it doesn't make it look like a batmobil IMHO!

We did both my car which is less than a month old and my girlfriend's 328 which is about 2 months old both at 35%.

When we went back to pick up the cars I noticed the windshields are noticeably lighter and when asked they said it is illegal in Ontario to tint the windshield at all !!! Is that right?
Does anybody else here in Ontario leave their windshield stock or just go the "illegal" way!

I love tints when it's all around !!!
What gives?

Well not to mention there we found quite a few scratches on my girlfriend's 328 at the time of the pick up !!!!! BMW agreed to polish and buff them out for her.

There's one stone chip look alike on my hood too whch was new and they said they'll fix it !!! I always do a quick walk around before getting in my car so I'm always aware of the current state of the exterior of my cars!!

What do they do to the cars when they do the tint??? I don't think it is a taxing procedure on the paint by any means!!!

And another thing that I find out is my dealership's carwash is not touchless !!!! Really??? I'll never let then wash our cars after service again!!! Hate it how these car washes mess up your paint gradually!
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