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Originally Posted by dobbo99 View Post
what I cant understand is why these people are destroying their own neighbourhoods?!
But Dobbo, it often isn't. Those that smashed up Ealing Broadway, for instance, weren't from the area, according to eye witnesses. It is being organised by criminal networks who don't care what is destroyed. There isn't anything to understand, in my view. It must be stopped, right now. We can worry about understanding another time.

Those of you saying "shoot them".....get real. I mean, what do you want? Rooftop snipers picking off anyone wearing a hoodie? We don't execute people for crimes against tasteful clothing in the UK. This isn't bloody Syria for christsakes.

Curfews, tear gas, water cannon.......if the latter two are good enough for Ulster, they are good enough for here.

Still, at least tomorrow's pointless friendly at Wembley has been called off. So not all bad, then.