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Originally Posted by mv57 View Post
On Thursday an armed drug dealer got involved in a shoot out with the police and lost.

Police say that the dealer shot first. One bullet (whether the first or not) hit a policeman. His radio coms stopped the bullet he was only wearing a stab vest.

That is pretty much the brunt of it. This is there excuse to loot.
At this stage,... alledgely armed and alledgedly a drug dealer - he's never been inside before.

It now looks likely given reports that he did not fire a gun (that pre-supposes he had one), and was killed by a single gunshot. It also appears likely given latest reports that the bullet lodged in the police radio was surprise surprise... a police bullet.

Ironically, the police probably thought they were making the streets safer by getting this guy out of the picture... assuming he was a gun-totting drug dealer. But let's wait and see. It really wouldn't be the first time that police have mucked up in this manner... Ian Tomlinson, Menenzes etc etc...
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