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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
I think your Indy doesn't know what he is doing.
Entity, you're being nice. You KNOW that Indy doesn't know what he's doing.

OP, I think your car is fine. If the water pump had been replaced properly, you wouldn't have any issues with the car. It looks like all of your problems can be traced to that indy shop. You just need to go to the indy shop that dmorga1 recommended.

When I picked out an indy here in Tucson, I did a lot of reading as to which one had the best reputation. He's probably more expensive than most other indies here in Tucson - I didn't check prices - but his reputation is pristine (Dearing Automotive for anyone in Tucson). I feel more comfortable going to Dearing than I do going to the local dealer.
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