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Originally Posted by m@rco View Post
I may have the same problem here... Wet spot at front passenger side. Location: right side near front side of door. Noticed it first time when I took my mats out after a car wash. Second time was after a long drive in heavy rain. Can you elaborate on the windshield leak, please? I didn't have my windshiel replaced... What about the vents in the door? Thanks!
actually i havent updated this in a while butttttt i started playing around with my car a while ago and found out that my passenger side skirt bumper was actually a little loose from when i bought it! it popped out of some hole so i pushed it back in and made sure it was tight....ive washed my car thoroughly about 25 times since then and havent had a drop of water inside anymore and i carefully inspect it haha.....soo this goes to show that maybe the dealership just wanted to take some more money by blaming it on the couldn't be the windshield cause ive had like 4 windsheilds in the last 9 months and its always been leaking since then lol but now the problem is fixed and everything!
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