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What I like about this kit is the cooling potential.

You wont reach this cooling potential with a FMIC, this is water cooled so even at a death stop it cool things down.

I am not a fan of FMIC, IMO it is a waste of cash, you wont gain much with a 2 inch bigger FMIC, in fact you may loose some boost in the process, this kit is maybe a 1000$ more than a FMIC, for what it gives it is not expensive IMO, it is the perfect step before a stronger tune.

Buy this and a more agressive tune and your in business for a reliable set-up that dont heat soak after a 15 min run. Cooling is THE MOST important thing with turbo engine and this thing is THE BEST thing too cool down your turbo.

Also this is bolt on and BMW warranty this. for 1700$ this isn't a rip off, gosh company sales intake (a pipe with a cone) for 600$ and exhaust (a metal pipe) for 1200$, this is a big kit with a lot of engineering in it and it fit in our tiny engine bay.. this is big engineering not second rated ghetto style fitting.

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