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Oh dear. Mine was in at the body shop to sort a tiny chip that was on the boot lid when I picked it up (we're taking about 1mm^2 but they said they'd respray the whole lid to factory standard so I thought what the heck). Anyway, they obviously washed the car and ever since, both front doors (not sat in the back to see) seem to have a little knock. I wouldn't say it's a squeek, more like an intermittent knock. Right up at the top by my right ear. Is this the type of thing caused by the silicone cleaners? If so, I'm going to take it in and get BMW to sort it out. Not paying 35! I might be cheeky and ask them to throw in a can of this 35 stuff - it'll save them money in the long-run as I won't need to keep booking the car in 2 weeks after it's been in for service!

Rich - yours is brand new too isn't it? Just get it booked in?