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Originally Posted by eduardomi View Post
Thanks again for your replies

The shop I took it to only works on BMW,and I just confirmed with them that they don't have to reprogram anything after a water pump this true?

They hooked up their computer and it showed a few faults including the one I mentioned about the oil level sensor display in the dash. Let me try to post from my phone the picture I took of their screen.

Ok I can't but the faults say:

Stored faults

2E84: electric coolant pump communication
2E8B: intelligent battery sensor signal
2ACB: DME master relay activation
2E83: electric coolant pump, power reduced operation
2E85: electric coolant pump, communication
2EA1: oil condition sensor, communication (this is the one I initially noted)
2E98: alternator, communication

Active faults:
2E7C: bit serial-data interface, signal

What do you guys think?

The shop says the dealer messed up the computer programming.

Help, thanks.

"Active faults: 2E7C: bit serial-data interface, signal".
The diagnostic message shows you that this is bit serial-data interface has bad connection, the cable connector is bad or not connected properly, this is not programming issue. It can't communicate to electric coolant pump, intelligent battery sensor signal,
DME master relay, oil condition sensor, alternator etc, because it can't read the data from this serial data interface. The dealer pulled this connector out and did not reconnect it for you.

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