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Originally Posted by moO moO nEL View Post

Book test drive for both cars and talk to a salesman you will get all the answers.

If you live near Artarmon go ALTO BMW ARTARMON look for the new car sales name Michael, say Nelson sent you to get the best price in Sydney. Michael is a regular customer of mine and he is easy to talk to...not pushy.

Thanks for this info Nelson. BMW Artarmon is one of the dealers that I planned to visit.

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Hi Arclight

I tried betterdeal for my E92 335 back in November but was only able to get about $500 off the betterdeal listed price on their website. betterdeal did call me and say they had a few dealers willing to sell me a new 335i for $117k + stamp duty (metallic, roof, auto) so i used this sort of ballpark figure to bargain direct with the Qld dealers.

in any case, do you need brand new? if you are balancing between 323 and 325 and can go used 325, i'd definately try to get the 325 used with the options you listed (for same price as 323 new). in brisbane they had a few used E92 325's on the lot for about $92k though i am not sure how many options they had which fit your requirements.
I would be test driving both 323 and 325 this weekend. If the 323 is good enough, then I'd go for a brand new car instead of a used 325. If a 325 is a compelling drive, then I might consider a used one. It all really depends on what price I can haggle.

I plan to try betterdeal after I've done with the dealer visits.