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Question 2006 330D SE Dash Rattle/Noise

Hello all,

Firstly, yes, I am one of those people that is driven utterly mad by rattles... I know there are others out there like me!

I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now having bought a low mileage 2006 330D SE around a month ago. From day one the car has had a dash rattle that the dealer I purchased it from has attempted to fix without success.

Some facts about said rattle:
> The rattle appears to be coming from the centre of the dash towards the windscreen, initially I thought it was the instrument cluster but I've felted this to no avail.
> The rattle gets (much) worse in colder weather and in hot weather (yes this is a relative concept in the UK) it appears to vanish. This morning at 10 degrees it was terrible.
> I have removed the top plastic vent cover in the centre of the dash this made no difference
> I have lubricated door seals and flock material (in case the sound is bouncing off interior) again no difference
> I have checked door runner plastic covers (in case the sound is bouncing off interior) again no difference

I've noticed that the plastic engine cover appears to be unevenly mounted. On the left-hand side it appears to be touching the strut mount, however on the right hand side it has some obvious clearance. I wonder if this could be the cause having read this. Is this unevenness normal?

Can I refit the front engine cover as per the second picture here without taking anything else off?

Any other suggestions gratefully received!!!



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