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Originally Posted by IB6UB9ok View Post
Hey all,

Was wiping down my doorjambs today after a quick wash and realised something. I was always aware of when my car was built but only realised how significant this is when you look at the numbers in perspective. I drive an E90 330i and it's build date is: 03/05 That's 1 month short of 6 1/2 years! I still have yet to meet an owner with an earlier build date. What's your build date and mileage? I'm at 124,080km (77,099miles) and pulling stronger than ever! Here's a very recent pic of my car.
While your car may feel that it is old...the car looks and sounds amazing.
Car pulls even stronger

I am not as old as you. Sitting at 4.75 years at 55, 000 km