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Originally Posted by LinxuS View Post
OBD Cable finally got in today, and got the car successfully coded!! Had a few problems with not having all the files in NCS and EDIABAS, but once I got it figured out, it worked like a champ!!

Car is a 10/06 2007 328i.

Got V Speed, Windows and Mirrors roll up with key fob, disabled high beam DRL, disabled door gong. Will be disabling all the bulb checks to stop the error from the DEPOs from fishcake, and then i'm all set!!

Thanks for all the information everyone!
I think we need to get post #1 updated with new info like a proper how-to.

It should include something about disabling/removing pin#8 from the silver cables, updating EDIABAS to 7.2 and keeping the old .ini file for some people (i had to do this to get NFRM to work), and updating Daten files.

Those things would have saved me a huge huge headache... searching for a couple hours on 3 different message boards and I finally got things working well.

People complain about the same questions being asked, but if everything was updated in the first post I think a lot of the issues would be solved quicker.