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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
Are you serious? you really think the only reason Sonnen dominated so badly was of rib injury and drugs? I bet you if they fight again it'll be same result. Watch how Anderson lost to Takase. Anderson also did defend against Takase takedown in the beginning but eventually needed just one success and lost. Takase is not a great fighter but still was able submit him so please don't use injury as a reason. How did Henderson dominate the first round against silva? sure you can argue henderson did get rear naked but the point is it can happen. Everyone trains and fight with injury, even I train with injury. It comes with the territory.
Lol that fight was 8 years ago mate but yes it was a legitimate loss. I do think Sonnen had an advantage taking PEDs and with Silva having a rib injury and I don't think I'm the only one that thinks that either. I'm not sure what your point was with Henderson. I think that was the 1st round Silva ever lost in the UFC and he hardly got dominated, he was just controlled on the ground. From memory I think Henderson was inside Silva's guard the whole time - which is a neutral position for an experienced black belt BJJ. Silva did lose that round but when he came back for the 2nd round he stepped it up and finished the fight, he nearly KO'd Henderson but ended up taking the rear naked choke. He seems to fight better when he's under pressure, I'm not sure if you've watched most of his fights but he seems to coast and take his time and do his thing. Yes everyone fights with pre-existing ongoing injuries but in all fairness Silva didn't have to take on that fight with that kind of rib injury. I'm pretty sure I remember him saying it happened a week before the fight and that the fight must go on for the fans. Anyways, we'll see what happens against Okami, I'm confident Silva will win this fight comfortably.