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iPhone media snap in adapter problem

Hello everyone.

I just took delivery of my brand new '11 335i X-drive coupe. I have the BMW Apps option and the iPhone/iPod option. I purchased the iPhone media snap-in adapter while I was there. I installed it with my PA there and there imdeiately was a problem. The phone would be recognized and charge but then about 30 seconds later it would disconnect and stop charging. We were able to get the iPod interface up on the iDrive for a second but as soon as the phone disconnected this went away (obviously). I figured, maybe a bad adapter, so I went back to the parts guys and swapped it for another. When I installed this one the phone wouldn't even try to connect. I can hear the fan come on when I snap the phone in but it would not connect or charge.

I spoke with the shop foreman and he said it could be a bad connection in the center console. Since I was going to be bringing the car back to the them on Wednesday for a clear-bra install I proposed that they can troubleshoot this issue then.

My question is, am I missing something obvious here? Since this car is brand new I tend to think it wouldn't be an issue with the car but everything else is dirt simple and I can't find anything else wrong.

What do you think?