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335i E92

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335i Rough idle fix

Hi All

Finally after 12 months of investigating my rough idle has been fixed.

After having my plugs changed last year my car instantly developed an idle misfire. The car would idle at 600rpm and after a few idle shakes and shivers would then rise to 750rpm.

I stopped in at Darren Woods yesterday to run a test on my lpfp and hpfp (which were fine and well within spec) these were the final two parts on my check list to try to remedy the rough idle.

Whilst plugged in Mike reset the LVS Values, this is a reset that is to be run after changing plugs or coils. (Adaptation of stratification)

Immediately the car started to idle a lot smoother, apparently it can take 500 1000 miles to fully adjust but its night and day already and much smoother on idle and acceleration.

The LVS reset is a new test module that appeared on their GT1 diagnostic kit last week. Woods to the rescue once more!!

Hope this helps anyone out there with same issue.