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Originally Posted by bigbmw View Post
dear posters....
big here i have been following this forum since feb and being the owner of this company aswell as another 4, i feel how can this poster possible post these comments when not only does he live in france he never has even brought a car from us, i have addressed and looked at the posts and one thing i have done is given everyone the chance to email me directly, since feb i have had 3 emails reguarding a complaint so out of 1,800 cars i have sold 1 complaint per every 600 bmws sold?????? lets look at the 3.....
1, her discs should be replaced the lady came in we put all new discs and pads on and asked her to have them inspected she then confirmed they were used but 100% legal and road worthy, (so we did nothing wrong) you have to understand these are used cars,
2, a man brought a 8 year old car after 2 months his gear box went, we tried to find another gear box what wasnt easy, we offered this man these opitions
:exchange his car r a new gear box
the man replyed he found a new car and posted how well we indeed looked after him
3, a man brought a 6 year old car and hadnt gone through our workshop of time of purchuse he confirmed we treated him very well confirmed the car he was buying and discribed the car fully to him we believe once again he was treated fair, now we could try as you keep saying and blast the website with the 1,797 good postings and could have over 3,000 postings a year, but this forum is never about the good its about statements that people can not prove to be even true, but 1 thing it is good for if anyone has a complaint and they wish to take it to the top i have given every person a avenue to talk directly to me once again my email...
the people that have made these posts have never wrote to me via email,letter, or phone, why????
we have sold bmws for 20 years and im not saying that mine or any company dont get it right 100% but with the help of this forum i can only try and help im only a working man like many but am always willing to improve the quality of my company, happy motoring to all you bmw owners..........
It's interesting that shangrila has not posted the discount achieved; I'd say this is either because they just got bored and think we are tits, or they are infect a fake poster with Bigmw but don't want to reveal a discount in case they fear everyone will want one. They can't say it's too small, or people will point out it's not enough to cover the cost of brakes, and can't say e.g 800 or every punter will want that much off.

Just a theory
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