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Originally Posted by onebadmofo View Post

Dude I already told you, instead of wasting time just come over and I'll bang it out for you. You're 15-20 minutes from me.
You were right.

PWM_SL_1_FKT_BL_TFL is altered by 0B, 05 in line 21.
PWM_SL_1_FKT_PARKL is altered by 06, 21 in line 21.

B 00340600,0010,04,7C,06,21,0B,05,06,21,1F,FF,1F,FF,1F,FF,0B,8E
I changed 0B, 05 to D7, 0A (12.2 volts) and no change in brightness. Should the 06, 21 be changed to the same value? The only reason I didn't is because according to the PDF which explains how to convert the voltage to the hex, 06, 21 = 1.xx volts (doesn't sound right), whereas 0B, 05 refers to 5.xx volts.

Sorry for being annoying I am just trying to understand how it works.
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