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Hi Zurich! Very sorry indeed I misunderstood your post!
Prob is I have just been a bit 'steamed-up' over the last few days and now just starting to cool down!
There is no doubt, the rioting has been more extensive over the London area than what has been shown in the press.
e.g. my town centre & neighborhood shop smash-up has'nt got a mention. I suppose because we are not a 'deprived' area.

Am glad to see that arrests in The London area now exceed 3000. For a long time it was only 1000+ and that was with 16,000 police on the streets.
Many people must have been involved in the riots.
I note that in Eltham, S E London not a window was smashed, because they had local vilagantes on the streets!
A sign of things to come?

Zurich, your new motor is superb!
I would just love to have 5 doors on my next motor! Prob for me is that the 5th door would absorb the cost of a few other goodies which I like.
Usually have to 'make-do' with the folding rear seats.