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Originally Posted by eduardomi View Post
By installing a "good" water pump, all the faults cleared. Weird... according to the BMW technician, the communication works in a loop, if there is a faulty component in that loop the car go nuts and triggers a bunch of other faults.

Does that sound right?


My 2 cents..
According to DME connector pinout, Pin 32 is Electric Pump, Pin 33 Intelligent Sensor, Pin 34 is Alternator, Pin 35 Oil Condition sensor. I can believe the Serial bit data line is daisy chained from pins 32, 33, 34 and 35 as a single wire.
The first water pump the Indy shop installed somehow screwed up these pins in this group, thus it triggered a series of faults. The second water pump installed & fixed this communication wiring. Something was not performed properly with this Indy shop in the first water pump fix, can't blame the *ealer for this error.
Going back to your story, the *ealer agent told you that the water was sipping and the water pressure was abnormal and need a water pump replacement, why don't they fix/replace/tighten the hoses first to stop the leakage thus the water pump pressure "may" be not the problem. Life is tough...