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The Blue-Ray release is what I'll have to purchase, but a theater does seem to be a most appropriate venue to view the movie-documentary.

Originally Posted by Tonifyd View Post was a joke. guess it was a bad joke..or no one got it?
OK sorry. No offense intended. I have mad respect for him.
Obviously you haven't learned that jokes about the dead/deceased are off limits to decent human beings.

Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
Stupid comment. JFK was a true hero and changed the world... Senna was just a great racing driver. Leave it at that.
Provincialism is strong in this thread.

If you think for a minute that Senna didn't change the world, you're mistaken. He blew past the earthling label of "hero" to ascend to demi-god status among millions if not billions; especially so where the Japanese and Brazilians are concerned. JFK never enjoyed such respect and adulation from about the globe. However, try this on for size: IF there had been a Twitter network in the early 90's, I cannot imagine anyone in sports, politics or entertainment of that era being able to pull in a greater following than the man who you say "was just a great racing driver."

Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Any stupidity inferred is purely on your part
I never compared their achievementsI simply stated more people go to his resting place than the other 3 combined
That's a statement of fact
But you could have on the basis of inspiring, raising the spirits of individuals about the globe. What part of JFK's legacy today cares for the orphans, disowned, impoverished? Such is precisely what the Senna Foundation is doing. It's to the man's credit that during his life he did not want word of his charities to become known. People that thought they knew him as the single-minded, ambitious driver were stunned to learn after his death that he had been knee deep in extensive charity work for many years. Just a driver my ass.

Originally Posted by sheepboy View Post
My apologies if I sounded like comparing JFK to Senna. I tried to make the point that they were both outstanding individuals...

Senna may not be a hero to you, but he is to more than 190.000.000 Brazilians. I am into respecting cultural differences so I will refrain from making any negative comments on the way some Americans view the world beyond their borders.
Fair enough, meu amigo, but I am an American, born in the USA, and I have traveled a bit, even lived in Brazil and have no such reservations although I would know my manners if in Brazil.

I've met many a compatriot that cannot wrap his arms around the idea that sports in America -- baseball, football and basketball -- have been eating the dust of soccer and F1 where the number of fans/followers of sports is the subject. As much as I like football, I realize that it is a tier two sport when juxtaposed to soccer or F1. We're talking about billions that follow the #1 and #2 sports as opposed to millions that follow everything else.