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Hi there,
A few months weeks ago,I found the spliced wires, just below where you see the blue wire on your left. The wires seemed to be caught in the gear assembly and I guess this is when I cleaned the shift boot. I had lost my DS and putting it all together it worked.

Currently I lost my upshift, downshift works well and I also noticed I lost my indicator light for "P". I took apart the assembly you mention above, looked at the wires I had fixed a while ago - everything seemed cool. I wasn't able to remove the cover on the left side since the torx screw were really small. Before I go out and buy the screwdriver for them and disassemble I wanted to know if this is where you had the problem? Did you find the problem once you unscrewed the torx screws or were your spliced wires alreeady visible and you unscrewed the cover just to have exposure to more wire to work with?
Thanks for all your help on this.