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Originally Posted by bchuong58 View Post
My 2 cents..
According to DME connector pinout, Pin 32 is Electric Pump, Pin 33 Intelligent Sensor, Pin 34 is Alternator, Pin 35 Oil Condition sensor. I can believe the Serial bit data line is daisy chained from pins 32, 33, 34 and 35 as a single wire.
The first water pump the Indy shop installed somehow screwed up these pins in this group, thus it triggered a series of faults. The second water pump installed & fixed this communication wiring. Something was not performed properly with this Indy shop in the first water pump fix, can't blame the *ealer for this error.
Going back to your story, the *ealer agent told you that the water was sipping and the water pressure was abnormal and need a water pump replacement, why don't they fix/replace/tighten the hoses first to stop the leakage thus the water pump pressure "may" be not the problem. Life is tough...

That makes sense, the pump was screwing up the rest of the loop.

I am impressed with the knowledge in these forums...seriously, BMW should include the reading of these forums as part of their technician training!