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Brake Squealing/Squeaking Noise - Dealership hasn't given any path to solution

Hey Guys,

A while back I noticed that my brakes were making squealing and screeching noises. I have a 2008 E92 CPO with about 47k km on it now. I searched up and voiced the possibility of the sensors scraping and stuff that I read about here to the dealer but the service advisor kept telling me there is nothing he can do as brakes are not warrantied.

The first time I really noticed was after a 1hr drive on the highway and I reached a residential area just cruising, no brake application and i could hear the squeaking intermittently as I moved forward at slower speeds.

I had the dealership check it out (paid for brake inspection) they couldn't find anything and said it could be "debris"

After a drive downtown I've been hearing it more regularly while in the parking garage(amplified). I took a video with my iPhone(not the best quality). I was hoping someone here could help if they've experienced a similar issue. Not sure if its due to the brakes, or a bearing, or something else with the steering. Seems a little more prominent when I am turning to the left(not 100% sure about that though)

I've sent the video to the service advisor and manager at the dealership I go to and still haven't heard back from them.

Also, the brakes always screech when I apply them reversing(end of the video). Bought the car in Feb of this year not sure if it was happening then as it was winter. It's embarrassing driving a car like this and it's making noises. My previous car was a 1990 camry and was quieter lol