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Trust you two clowns
Did make me chuckle out loud at the end of a serious page.

Indeed, this chaps actions had no impact upon me at all. I dont know anyone else involved in the accident, they were strangers to both of us.

I was about to contact the bloke before I got this info, as given both of our hobbies we would likely run into each other in the near future.
It seemed rude, and a little lazy to make so many excuses for letting friendships lapse as its all to common.
Separated by distance and busy lives I think we all might have 'neglected' some friends over the years - life is mad these days.

So I have absolutely no morbid fascination for the detail, I know what happened and as chris s1 implies- 'there but for the grace of God go I' etc.
What changes things is knowing he's taken a life for one - and that is hard to get ones head around.
I cannot predict how he will react to a VO, as KadeSdad suggests it might be taken out of context as AFAIK you cannot add a covering note!

Tony may have the suggestion that is best for me, but I have no idea where hes locked up. How would I find this out?