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umm its a really long story, i wrote off my 206 xsi and didnt have a car for around 1 year and a half as my father didn't want me to buy a crappy car so i was expecting a mini Cooper S first, then somehow i talk my father to buy the current car as we were sharing cars (an e240 which eats petrol like no tommorow) for the past year and a half , and during of which i had part time job so i saved a little, dad invested the insurance money and gain a little extra and as business was ok he contributed alot to the 335i and i contributed a little. So now i pay for petrol and maintence cost and half of the insurance as he uses the car too but we all know he bought it for me but the car is in his name so insurance is cheaper to cover me as named driver.

regarding the debt, i never thought about it before really until suddenly you get that moment and to stop and think about current life. Afterall its taken out of salary each month so i guess it be ok hopefully...i know its not much of a plan but i am those type of people would do anything to live the moment and regret later~~
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